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Microporous Insulation in Aluminium Processing

The processing industry, for example the automotive industry, expects a high level of flexibility and low costs of the supplying industry.

This problem can be solved by the fact that the final customer receives a casting ready product "just in time and place". By the use of liquid aluminum transport systems these problems for secondary aluminum industry could be solved.

The application of our microporous heat-insulating material in the correct insulation configuration, permits a clearly lower loss of temperature per time unit in comparison to conventional insulating superstructures. This effect allows aluminum suppliers to increase safety time up to freezing liquid aluminum or supply more customers located further away.

By the increased heat insulating ability of the transport ladle the pre- and reheating times are noticeably reduced. This saves operating costs. With larger distances to the final customer the gas consumption and costs necessary for reheating the ladle is reduced.




Our insulation creates volume optimisation for the transportation ladle, this directly has a positive effect on operating costs for both supplier and customer.

  • working reliability is increased, since service life is
  • adhering to the brick lining is reduced.
  • health risks before, during and after the installation in 
    contrast to the use of ceramic fibers are eliminated.
  • handling is very easy, since the product is finished with clean surfaces and is ready to be built in.

Moreover microporous insulation is very successfully used in applications like melting furnace, launder, filter box and the different pressure pouring machines.


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