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MIcroporous insulation in the Aluminium Production

It is essential that an optimal temperature distribution remains inside the furnace, in order to keep a homogeneous liquid.

The constant attainable high product quality leads to higher customer satisfaction in the processing industry.

By use of the outstanding thermal insulation properties of our microporous products and the optimisation of the structure of insulation, many further positive effects can be mentioned:

  • The clear reduction of the cold side temperature leads to lowering of the operating costs by improvement of the energy balance together with increase of the utilisable volume. 
  • Lower cold side temperature is an improvement for the idustrial safety. The health risks before, during and after the installation, are eliminated.
  • Pptimisation of microporous insulation increases the lifespan of a furnace. Adhering aluminium at the fireproof lining is avoided due to early freezing, thus increasing the working reliability significantly.



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