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Microporous Insulation for Fire Protection

Fire protection installation of our Microporous non-combustible thermal products.

"Do not use in case of fire" - this reference in elevators is very common. Nevertheless, regulations of fire protection have to be applied in elevators of all buildings. Desires for modern design, comfort and flexibility face these legal requirements.

The application of high performance microporous panels within elevator doors is critical due to the following characteristics:

  • High fire protection classification
  • Thin wall thickness
  • Low weight

If time is an extremely important factor for the rescue of human life, an effective fire protection with thinnest wall thicknesses can only be achieved with microporous heat-insulating material. Our panels are inorganic, not combustible, fulfill the requirements according to DIN EN 13501 class A1 (behaviour in case of fire), according to DIN EN 1182 (non-combustibleness), according to DIN EN ISO 1716 (heat of combustion), and according IMO FTPC part of 1.



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